Figment the Bat

$39.00 USD

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Figment calls himself a “tinkerer” and an “inventor” but his clumsy wings and big ears mean he spends most of his time picking up things he’s knocked off the workbench!

♡ Made of super soft minky, with cotton print inside the ears and wings, it sits approximately 6″/15cm tall with a 12″/30cm wingspan.
♡ Just as a note: the fabric in his “gear ear” is upside down in comparison to the fabric on his wings!
♡ There are beans in the body to help it sit upright, with black safety eyes and a 2 plastic charms glued to the ear.
♡ Made from BeeZee’s Bat pattern.
♡ Your plushie may vary slightly from the listing photos, as I custom make them by hand after you order. However, I do my best to make sure they are as true to the photos as possible! Please note that the pattern inside the wings and ears may not line up exactly as shown in the photos, but I try to make the wings look as interesting as possible when cutting the fabric!
♡ Plushies may have a tag on their bottoms that are not shown in the photos.
♡ This plush will take me between 1-3 weeks to make before shipping, depending on my current work queue.

♡ This plush is sewn to be durable and stand up to moderate use, but like any hand made item, can be damaged with rough handling, so please play carefully!
♡ If it gets dirty and needs a bath, spot clean with a damp washcloth and allow to air dry. Do not put it in the washing machine or dryer, as it may be cause damage.
♡ This art doll is a collectible plush and should not be considered a toy or given to children under the age of 14.