How do you make your plushies?

Most plushies I make are made from Shannon Minky and polyester/acrylic long pile faux fur, and are stuffed with polyester polyfil. Clothing, accessories and extras may be made from suede, faux leather, fleece, or cottons. Poly pellets (weighted beans) are also available as a filling.
For the most part, I use patterns I have developed, and embroidery files I have designed. My plushies are sewn together using a combination of machine and hand sewing, meaning that while they’re fairly durable, they still may be damaged if treated like a toy!

What sewing machines do you have?

My main machine is a Viking Brilliance 80 sewing and embroidery machine. I also have a Topaz 50 embroidery machine, an Emerald 118 sewing machine, a Brother 1034D serger, and a 1930s Singer treadle machine. For designing embroidery, I use Wilcom Hatch 2. If you’re looking to start sewing yourself, I recommend starting with something a bit more basic than what I have!

Where did you learn to make plushies?

I’m self taught! I started making plushies years ago from other patterns, and then through experimentation (and Frankenstein-ing different patterns together) I started learning to create my own basic shapes and designs. Now, I make my own patterns based on the things I taught myself. If you’re looking to start sewing on your own, I have sewing patterns available in my shop!

What will you make?

Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Anime characters, OCs, Fursonas, Original species, and completely custom creations, among others! If you’re unsure, you can fill out a quote when commissions are open!

What won’t you make?

I will not make anything NSFW, Disney, copies of official plushies or copies of another artist’s work. I also will not make plushies based on art or designs of another artist unless permission has been granted by that artist to the commissioner.

Can I resell the plush I buy?

Yes, you may. Once you’ve paid for it, it’s yours to do with what you please! If you are specifically looking to resell plushies that I make, or have plushies mass produced for you to sell yourself, the price for commercial design begins at $2000 and the price goes UP for bulk orders, not down, so you’re better off finding a factory that can mass produce items for you!

Are your plushies meant for children?

No they are not. As per US and EU regulations on the sale of children’s toys, my plushies have not undergone the federal safety testing required to label them “children’s toys” and should not be given to children under 14. However, I do my best to make each plushie as durable and kid-friendly as possible, and when a plushie contains small parts or delicate details, they are noted in the item description so parents can make an informed decision!

Why are the prices what they are?

There are many hidden costs that go into making handmade plushies and designs that may not be obvious at first glance.
Some of these costs include: converting a 2D design to a 3D fabric shape, designing the pattern, testing the pattern, sewing a prototype, corrections to the pattern and further prototypes, designing embroidery, testing embroidery, cutting and sewing the actual plushie, corrections and alterations, stuffing and final details, and packaging and shipping supplies.
My prices reflect the cost of materials as well as an hourly rate for the time I spend working.

Do you have sales or can I haggle the price lower?

All my prices are “pre-haggled” to give you the best deal possible. If you want to haggle, I can gladly raise my prices and allow you to bring it back down to the original price I quoted you! 😜
I generally only run sales when I need to clear older unsold or prototypes out of storage, or in November for my birthday, although even that is not consistent.

Do you do trades/freebies/work for exposure?

No, I work for money.
(If ever I’m willing to make a trade or work for free, I’ll be the one to reach out first!)