This is a basic pricing guide for custom plushies. Prices listed here are in USD, and are only an estimation of price– your quote may end up being higher than in this guide due to its complexity or other factors. For a quote, please read through the commission policies, and then fill out a quote form!

Soft Keychain: $25 – 75+

Keychains work best with small, chunky chibi-esque faces or designs. They are lightly stuffed with a keychain attachment. The size varies based on the design, but generally they fit in the palm of your hand.

Mini Quad Animal Plush: $125 – 200+

6-10″ long, with embroidered details and designs.
Generally the head is stuffed, and the body can be stuffed or filled with plastic beans for an extra floppy body! Price varies greatly based on complexity of design and number of colors. No additional accessories available at this size.

Medium Quad Animal Plush: $250 – 475+

A fairly general category that covers most quadruped animals, like dogs, cats, ponies, wolves, dragons, etc. that are 8-16″ long/tall, with either embroidered or printed minky details. Accessories or outfits add to the price.

Large Quad Animal Plush: $850 – 2000+

For plushies larger than 14″ or with complex details and accessories included. Optional armature is available, as well as removable clothing and accessories.

Chibi Doll: $125 – 350+

Chibi plushies are made on the same 10″ tall pre-made body shape, with simplified proportions and details. Hair can be made of faux fur or sculpted minky, and extra details like wings, ears, or tails can be added. Removable outfits or accessories add to the price.

Cartoonish Doll: $175 – 300+

10-16″ tall, with more details and customization available than chibi dolls. Custom body types and clothing, and more detailed embroidery available.
Removable outfits or accessories add to the price.

Something Completely Original: $?

For customized designs, OCs, and weird shapes that require a completely new pattern to be made, or for anything that isn’t covered in the other categories. You can estimate the price based on other categories and plushie sizes, but please send in a quote form for your actual pricing!

Animal Crossing Characters: $350 – 575+

14-16″ tall, any of the standard 397 Animal Crossing video game characters, or original characters based on the same body template. Price varies greatly depending on specific villager/species selected, and not all species may be available.
Removable or extra outfits start at $65 each.

Anthro Fursona Plushie: $400 – 600+

12-20″ tall, standard 4-limbs, with tail, ears, or wings optional. Price will vary greatly based on complexity of design. Outfits and accessories will add to price as well. Can be sized to fit most build-a-bear workshop apparel as well.

Printed Fursona (printed minky details): $150 – 350+

A more affordable version of the previous fursona!
Most details and designs are printed onto minky instead of embroidered.

Last updated: 02/2022