Commission Policies

Please be sure to read through this page completely. By commissioning me, you agree to these policies. If you need something clarified, please ask before ordering!

Before Ordering:

  1. All prices are given in United States Dollars.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older to commission me. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian may commission me on your behalf.
  3. I work in a pet-free studio in a rabbit-friendly home. If you have allergies, please take this into consideration.
  4. I will only discuss details of each commission with one person, through one form of contact (ie, you can’t switch to a different account/email address or ask a friend to talk to me for you).
  5. Visual references are required for all custom projects or characters. This may be a detailed reference sheet, images and/or links to the source material that show front, back, side, and any important details.
  6. Quotes are opened at intervals as announced on social media and via the email list. I try to respond back within 1 week but there may be delays. If you have not heard back within 2 weeks, please contact me to make sure I received your original request.
  7. The Price Guide is an estimation of price- your quote may end up being different than listed prices due to its complexity or other factors.
  8. All quotes given will be valid for 4 months. A quote is not a promise or contract to make your project at any certain time in the future.
  9. Shipping costs are not included in quotes, and will be added to the invoiced price.
  10. When commissions are open, you may contact me with your valid prior quote, or request a commission and quote at the same time.
  11. I take a limited number of commissions at a time due to available workspace in my craft room. Commissions are chosen based on a combination of giving priority to prior quotes and projects that seem interesting or fun to work on.
  12. Once your commission has been accepted, I will work with you to finalize the design of your project. Once this design is approved by you, I will send an invoice or create a listing for you to purchase that will be valid until the end of the 4 month quote period.

Commission Payments:

  1. Payment in full must be made before work on your project begins. Payment plans may be available for projects over $750, in which case the payments will be divided into up to 3 equal monthly payments. Failure to pay within 3 months will mean forfeiting your commission slot, and a refund of a maximum of 90% of your total payment.
  2. Payments may be made through Paypal invoice or Credit Card via Stripe. Payments may also be available through
  3. Any additional costs that are added during work on your project will be due upon completion of your project, through Paypal invoice or Credit Card via Stripe, before the item is shipped. If you want to upgrade shipping, that may also be paid for at this time.
  4. You will have 1 month from the final invoice sent to pay for any additional costs after the commission has been completed before the commission has been considered abandoned.

During Commission Production:

  1. While I aim to have all projects complete before 10 weeks, large or complex projects may take more time. Completion dates may also be delayed if I need to wait on purchased supplies to arrive, or if I am waiting for feedback from the customer before continuing. I will give you a general estimation of the time frame you should expect, but this time frame is not a guarantee. If I know there will be a major delay, I will communicate this to you.
  2. Once I begin work, I will offer you a final selection of materials based on the final design that was approved. If there are modifications to be made to material selection, they must be made before any materials are purchased.
  3. I work on multiple projects concurrently, while prioritizing the earliest projects. This means that I may move on to later projects while I wait for supplies to arrive, or I may group like-tasks together to work on at the same time. I will provide updates when major progress has been made. You are free to ask for updates on your commission, but please be aware that there may have been no change from the previous updates given and I will not provide details on other projects to you.
  4. If there are embroidered details, the designs will be drawn out, and may have 2 rounds of alterations and changes requested. Once finalized, the designs will be stitched out, and any further changes requested may incur an additional cost. Any change that will incur a cost will be presented with the total and must be approved by the customer before it is made.
  5. Small alterations and changes may be allowed based on feedback to WIP (work-in-progress) photos or to prototype designs presented to the customer, or to parts that are not yet sewn. However, larger modifications to the finalized design or changes that require backtracking and undoing work may incur an additional cost. Any change that will incur a cost will be presented with the total and must be approved by the customer before it is made.
  6. In the case of extreme changes or details being requested that would deviate too far from the initial approved sketch, I may deny making the change, or accept the change at an additional cost.
  7. Once the final project is complete, final photographs will be taken and any last changes may be requested. A final invoice or listing will be created for any additional costs. Once paid, the plush will be mailed out in the next weekly post office run, and a tracking number will be provided to the customer.

Shipping and Delivery Information:

  1. Items will be shipped from New Hampshire, USA. Both domestic (within US) and international (everywhere else I am allowed to ship) shipping is available.
  2. For packages shipped internationally, the package will be marked with the value of the commission. You may be required to pay extra taxes or fees to have the package released to you as per your country’s laws.
  3. I will default to selecting the shipping option with the lowest cost to you unless otherwise requested. This option will generally include tracking and basic insurance. Extra tracking, insurance, or signature confirmation is available upon request.
  4. If your item arrives in a damaged box due to carrier mishandling, do not accept the delivery. You will need to document the damage with your local carrier for insurance purposes. If you accept the damaged box, you will be responsible for any issues afterwards. I will work with you to fully document the claim, and resolve the issue. If your item is lost in transit, I will assist to the best of my ability to help locate it. The carrier will be responsible for paying for the damage/insurance.
  5. If the plush inside an undamaged box is damaged, you must notify me within 48 hours of delivery confirmation with photographic proof of the state of the box and plush. If the damage is due to my fault, I will offer a repair or replacement. I will require photos of the original box and packing label from multiple angles as well as the original plush and damaged area. The original item must be sent back in the original box and in the same condition as shown in the photos before repair or replacement will be made. If the damage is not reported within 48 hours, I will consider the damage due to normal wear and tear by the owner, and a replacement will not be offered. Reminder: While I do everything within my ability to make my plushies sturdy and durable, these are not considered toys, and should not be played with roughly.
  6. If the package is returned to me due to issues with address or being marked as undeliverable or returned to sender, the commissioner will have to pay shipping again within 1 month of the package being returned. If the issue is due to errors on my part, I will verify shipping address, and ship the package again at no cost to you.
  7. Once the delivery tracking is marked as “delivered”, if the package is undelivered you will have to file a complaint to the carrier for a stolen or undelivered package. After 1 week, I will not be responsible for missing packages marked as delivered without a complaint filed. If you are worried about your package going missing, we can discuss signature confirmation or alternate delivery locations before payment to mitigate any risks.

Owner Damage, Care, and Repair:

  1. Projects I make are made with a combination of machine and hand sewing. They are not intended for young children or for rough play. I am not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur if the adult purchasing the item from me gives it to a child while knowing these items are handmade.
  2. I am not responsible for damage due to normal wear and tear. Unless the damage is reported within 48 hours of the item being marked as delivered, I will assume that all damage was caused by the owner.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, cleaning your item should be done using a damp cloth to spot clean the dirty areas and allowed to air dry.
  4. If damage occurs to your item and it is in need of repair, you may send me photographs of the damage from multiple angles, and I will do my best to either assist you in fixing the damage yourself, or offer you a quote to ship the damaged item to me for repairs.

Discounts, Price Reductions, Refunds, Returns:

  1. I do not offer discounts or to reduce prices on my work. I also do not haggle on quotes or pricing. If you would like to see how I determine prices, see my FAQ. If you need to reduce a cost, we can discuss simplifying your project or changing the size or materials used instead.
  2. Once a price has been decided on and the project design has been finalized and approved, I will not offer price reductions or refunds. Additional work or changes may increase the cost, but will not decrease it.
  3. Once a commission has been paid for, if you request to cancel your commission for a refund, refunds will be given in the following manner: before any work has begun on your project and before purchasing any supplies for your project, a refund of 90% will be given. Once fabric or supplies have been purchased, a maximum refund of 60% will be given. Once basic work (eg. embroidery designs, pattern creation) has begun, a maximum refund of 50% will be given. Once irreversible work (ie. designs are embroidered, fabric is cut, things have been painted) has begun, any refunds will be at my discretion. You may or may not be notified of each stage as it is reached, so I advise waiting to order until you are confident that you will not need to request a refund.
  4. Returns or refunds of shipped items will only be given at my discretion and must be requested withing 48 hours of package delivery. Refunds will not be processed until the item has been returned in the same condition it was sent. If an item is returned in a damaged or worn/used state that I was not informed of prior to accepting the return, the refund will be denied and you may either pay shipping to have the item returned to you, or forfeit the item to me.

Rights and Copyrights, Social Media and Sharing

  1. Work-in-progress photos (WIPs) may be posted on social media, and finished final photos of the project will be taken and shared on social media and added to my portfolio, both online and as a physical copy. If preferred, I can delay sharing WIPs and final images until the item has been delivered to you. If you do not want any photos to be taken or shared, that must be discussed before payment.
  2. Photos taken by me or for me will belong to me, and may be shared, edited, or used as examples, promotions, or for like purposes.
  3. Any pattern or design I make that is involved in the making of your project will belong to me and may be reused or modified into my later works, or edited and listed for sale on its own. Un-original characters (eg. Pokemon, Animal Crossing, anime characters, generic animal shapes) may be remade and sold as well. Original characters are the exception to this, and markings or designs highly specific to your own original character (OC) designs will not be sold or reused without heavy modification to remove any similarity to intellectual property (IP) that you created and own.
  4. Plushies made by me may have a tag attached with my shop name and care instructions on it. You are absolutely free to cut this tag off once you receive your plush, or request that I add it to a specific location of the plush (in general, tags are attached the the inside of a leg or to the butt of a plush).
  5. All art, references, and designs that you have created will remain yours. I will not claim ownership of the designs you provide me, or the projects created from them.
  6. Once you have purchased a commission from me, the physical item purchased will belong to you. You may resell, regift, or change it if desired, but may not claim to be the creator of the actual item.
  7. Patterns, embroidery designs, and other digital download items may not be resold, shared, distributed digitally or physically, or in any way given to a person who has not themselves purchased the item. Items you have made from patterns, or items that include the stitched out embroidery designs may be sold, given away, or freely shared.

Harassment and Cancellations, Abandoned Commissions

  1. I reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone I do not feel comfortable working with, or on any project I am uncomfortable with. Check my FAQ for a general list of things I will and will not make.
  2. Harassing or “attack” behavior will result in a warning. Any further abusive language will result in your commission being cancelled, and a partial refund being offered based on the current stage of your project and a ban from being able to purchase from me in the future.
  3. When the original invoice has been sent, you will have 1 month in which to make a payment. If you do not, I will consider the commission cancelled. If you are paying on a payment plan, I will send payment reminders within the first week of each month, and if a payment is not made by the end of the month, I will consider the commission cancelled, and refund 90% of the currently paid amount towards your commission.
  4. For commissions requiring an additional payment after work on the project has begun, you will have 1 month from the day the invoice is sent to pay. If not, the commission will be considered abandoned without refund, and may be resold to others to recover the unpaid costs. (Original OCs and IP will be used as examples and/or taken apart to recover material costs and not sold to anyone other than the original design’s owner.)

Final Notes:

  1. In the case of typos or minor mistakes in these policies, the intended meaning will still apply.
  2. Your commission will be bound by the published policies at time of payment.
    Last Update: March 1, 2023
    Latest change: Changed “shipping from” location from New York to New Hampshire.